UPRA Aubrac

An original sales system


There are different types of sales depending on the rating of the calf when it leaves:

  • Recognized Controlled Reproducer calves are sold in an auction
  • Registered Controlled calves are sold directly at the end of the open door days.
  • Insemination Bulls are sold in an auction after the production of a dose of semen.






The best guarantees on all levels

  • Parentage known with certainty
  • Irreproachable sanitary procedures
  • Genetic potential evaluated with very high precision (Determination Coefficient = 0.3 for yearlings from 13-15 months)
  • Criteria measured and known not found elsewhere (pelvimetry for example)
  • The opportunity to buy, using serious and reliable bases, a variety of yearlings from different cattle stations.

Even though the methodology applied in the La Borie de l'Aubrac Station is the most technological, serious and efficient, and with irreproachable measurements for the controls carried out, the evaluation of genetic potential made based on on-farm qualities (growth, evaluation) does not allow everything to be known. Nevertheless, within their generation, the yearlings evaluated in the station are without a doubt those that present the best guarantees at all levels (especially genetic, sanitary and parentage).


The La Borie de l'Aubrac Station is, then, the first and indispensable tool for the establishment of an objective and deep selection of the most promising calves from 7 to 10 months. In effect, the evaluation in La Borie provides undeniable advantages. No other structure, no other cattle raiser can gather so much information. And lastly, the La Borie de l'Aubrac Station is the only place where cattle raisers find such a wide offering of AUBRAC reproducer bulls in the same generation:

- Evaluated under the same conditions,

- Known with great precision,

- With respect to a considerable number of criteria.



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