UPRA Aubrac




Station for Aubrac breed evaluation


Located in the municipality of Saint Chély d'Aubrac (12), the La Borie de l'Aubrac Station carries out the evaluation annually of close to 140 bull calves.

The station allows the Aubrac bulls to be controlled with respect to a great number of criteria impossible to find elsewhere: (Pelvimetry, post-weaning genetic potential, sanitary guarantees, comparison with contemporaneous cattle from other herds, parentage completely known and verified, etc.)

Its mission is to offer to all cattle raisers young Aubrac reproducers (13-15 months), that will be controlled for 5 months.




Recruiting calves

Controls carried out:

- Sanitary control before arrival

- Selection of calves

- Breed quality control

- Functional and genealogic aptitudes (particularly lactation and reproduction qualities)

- Systematic parentage control

- If they come from stations with growth control: Information on weight and conformation of the calves

- If they come from connected stations: genetic data on the animals (IFNais, ALait, CRsev, DMsev & DSsev)


A visit from two station operators who are members of the "Breed Orientation" commission from the UPRA Aubrac is made on the day the calves arrive. Their mission consists in verifying that the calves that have arrived correspond to the breed standard (some exclusion criteria: strong beef cattle features, white tail or white spot on coat, white tongue).




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