UPRA Aubrac

   Classification of cows and bulls

  • Permits an official and serious identification of the best cattle registered.
  • Permits the effective improvement of the selection of the Aubrac breed.

Thanks to genetic transmission, the ranking of the cows based on hereditary characteristics guarantees an improvement in the breed qualities for the station operators.


At the end, the diverse tools used (evaluation, rating table, and the IBOVAL* indexing) provides a great quantity of information, as diverse as it is varied, that is put to use by the Union and the UPRA Aubrac, on the one hand for better knowledge of the genealogies of the registered animals, and on the other hand, for the promotion of the propagation and use of the best cattle.

In other words, the use of registered animals from known stations and genealogies constitutes insurance and a guarantee for the quality of the technical and economic results of the cattle.


 Rating of females

Rating chart

First level Non-registered cows or those waiting registration (Provisional Certificate of Registration / Affidavit of origin)

Groups the particular cases where genealogic information is lacking (for example the blood type of the father).

Second level

Registered cows (INS) : Represents young cows (1 to 2 births). The information is insufficient to give a reliable estimate of the overall level of a cow's qualities.

Third level

This group includes all the cows that have had, in the majority, at least three births. Their qualifications give indications as to the use of their products.

Two categories exist:

 First category: inferior cows

rated as Service mothers present the lowest level of qualities. They should be used preferably for crossbreeding and selling their products as meat.

 Second category:

support cows for renewal. They possess the three best ratings (Mothers of Heifers, Mothers of Bulls, and Mothers of Elite Bulls). They are located in the upper half of the quality list and must be mated as a priority within the breed to assure renovation.

  • Mothers of Heifers (also called "RECOGNIZED") : The daughters of cows rated as Mothers of heifers can guarantee the renovation of the cattle.
  •  Mothers of Bulls (also called "RECOMMENDED") : Cows whose results allow for the assumption that their offspring can be used as reproducers.
  •  Mothers of Elite Bulls (also called "RECOMMENDED*") : these are the cows with the best yield due to their results (reproduction and quality of their offspring in particular).

Renovation must be carried out principally through the offspring, both male and female, that are born of these cows.


Rating of bulls


 Rating of bulls used in natural service:

The bulls registered and rated by the Herd Book technicians initially hold the rating of REGISTERED. After observing their on-farm performance, if they are recognized as "improvers" thanks to the IBOVAL* index, they may be classified as Recommended Weaned Bull Calves.

 Rating of the bulls in the Station:

After evaluation in the station, the bulls will have:

 - Controlled Registration rating,


- Recognized Controlled Reproducer rating, if they are considered better than the average in their group.


Later, by means of the IBOVAL* index, these bulls may eventually be recognized as Recommended Weaned Bull calves.


Bulls for Insemination of Cows: chosen in the station, these bulls hold the rating Authorized for Artificial Insemination.

In exceptional cases, if a noteworthy reproducer (used in natural service) was identified using the IBOVAL* index, this bull may, under very strict conditions, be used for propagation by means of artificial insemination.



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