UPRA Aubrac




The UNION AUBRAC is, since the creation of the UPRA Aubrac (1996), the AUBRAC Herd book. It is also the major constituent of the UPRA Aubrac.


The union Aubrac missions

  • To manage the herd book.


  • To manage the breed files.


  • To certify the reproducers that belong to the breed.


  • To edit the official documents.







The UPRA Aubrac


UPRA Aubrac: Unit for the promotion, selection and propagation of the Aubrac breed of cattle


Mission and organization

  • Define the orientation of the breed, the program for genetic improvement, establish the rating table (and take charge of its application).
  • Promote and propagate the Aubrac bovine breed by means of the organization of contests and the participation in fairs and livestock expositions.
  • Manage the calf evaluation station: LA BORIE DE L'AUBRAC.





UPRA AUBRAC - RĂ©sidence Le Montaigne - 8 avenue de l'Europe - 12000 RODEZ
Tél. 05 65 68 57 90 - Fax 05 65 73 15 61 - union-aubrac@arsoe-soual.com

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