UPRA Aubrac

Origins and expansion


This breed is originally from the Aubrac mountains, to the south of the Massif Central, in the Departments of Aveyron, Cantal, Lozère and Haute-Loire (Mézenc). Its area of expansion extends into to the so-called difficult zones in the highlands (Aude, Puy-de-Dôme, Eastern Pyrenees, etc.), wastelands, or chalky high plains (Gard, Hérault, Landes, etc.).



Aubrac, a very ancient history...

The AUBRAC breed has existed for a long time. The first animals registered in the genealogic records of the breed go back to 1894. A reading of the records reveals that the selection for what would become the fabulous AUBRAC breed began much earlier than that year. In ancient writings it is mentioned that, in the 17th century, the monks in the Benedictine order, living in the monastery of the town of AUBRAC, had already taken the first steps toward rationally exploited cattle-raising.



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