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Recognized maternal qualities


This breed is famous for its notable qualities in raising its offspring and for being a hardy breed. The Aubrac is an ideal breed of mothers for the production of beef, not only in purebreds but also in crossbreeds with bulls from other breeds specialized in beef production.

Its greatest success resides in reproduction results:

  • Excellent fertility (one calf each year)
  • Ease of calving (reduced veterinarian care and cost)
  • Nursing aptitude (little expenditure on fodder)
  • Notable longevity


Aubrac cattle are especially outstanding in their reproductive capacity, which is consistent regardless of the environmental conditions.


Cattle under control (*) : 49,788

Easy births (*): 98%

IVV* average (Interval between births) : 375 days

Cattle older than 10 years (*) : 15%



* Results of bovine feature control for lactation - France - Campaign 2008 - edition 2009 - France Bovin Croissance - Cattle Raising Institute.

The breed reproduction qualities guarantee one calf per cow per year to the operation, without a problem. This is, in effect, the principle component of income.





The advantages of hardiness


Raised and selected in difficult environments (grazing in summer pastures; hibernation on concrete and metal screens), the Aubrac breed has excellent adaptation qualities:

  • Aptitude for walking and very strong legs
  • Able to take advantage of simple feed

For all these reasons, the Aubrac is efficient and profitable in ALL environments. It is particularly distinguished in production systems for cattle for beef raised on grass (grazing in summer; hay in winter).


The Aubrac breed is profitable in all environments. The Aubrac is the breed that best satisfies the demand for hardy breeds. Income is constant and guaranteed regardless of environmental conditions and the characteristics of the climate.




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